Loving Learning Through Creativity

Loving learning Through Creativity is a partnership project with Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire Cultural Education Partnership, Arts Connect – West Midlands Regional Arts Council England Bridge organisation, Partners in Creative Learning, and YMCA. 

Loving Learning through Creativity is an ‘artist in residency’ style project, and has worked with 11 schools in the Stoke on Trent area, tackling persistent absences and attainment levels.

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At Kreative Foundations we are tremendously proud to have been involved in such a great project, supporting two schools as their ‘artist in residence’. We were involved in this programme for over two years, during which we worked with year 4 & 5 learners in the first year, and year 1 learners in the second. 

Through our workshops we focussed very much on the wellbeing development of our groups, with an array of activities from across various artistic disciplines. We also endeavoured to link all of our planned activities to subjects from across the curriculum:

• Singing and signing songs with important messages about kindness and diversity
• Development and delivery of performance pieces which explored topics such as kindness and homelessness
• Puppet making workshops to explore themselves and their personal strengths
• The creations of positive superheroes which explored the impact of positivity and negativity 
• Poetry writing sessions about friendship
• Visual arts activities that promoted mindfulness etc.

Through weekly long term sessions, this enabled us to plan activities that really met the needs of the learners and schools we supported. It was also incredibly rewarding for us to see the improvements developed over time:

• Learners improved responses to each other
• Their passion for the arts and their weekly sessions
• Their desire to learn and engage
• Their regular attendance
• The development of skills and thinking that will support them in their long term goals etc.

As you can see, this project definitely supported children and young people to ‘love learning through creativity’, and we were honoured to have been part of this.