NuL Lantern Parade

NuL’s Lantern Parade, 12th December 2015

Due to popular demand, Newcastle under Lyme held their third Lantern Parade in its town centre. Project staff worked tirelessly to create stunning lanterns, with an open invite to the community to take part in the construction stage too. The workshops were very well attended, resulting in an array of lanterns being created which took over the Iron Market premises.

The parade was a magnificent sight, filled with lights from the community created lanterns, the show piece that was the spectular prize bull and the accompanying video displayed on a backdrop of the Iron Market itself. The atmosphere was incredible, filled with the sounds of musicians, the accompanying story and going out with a bang, ending with a beautiful firework display.

Kreative Foundations supported the parade by creating thirty bull headdresses to accompany the procession. The masks were very mean looking, standing proud on the heads of all those who wore them. As a collective the masks really stood out in the parade, with the vibrancy of the nose rings and piercing red horns towering above.

We’d like to thank the staff, volunteers and community groups involved, as we really enjoyed working with you.