Confidence Through Drama

A series of themed workshops, with the potential to really bring out a persons creativeness, confidence and self-worth.

Our performing arts workshops are accessible for all. So if you’re lacking confidence, have additional needs, or just haven’t performed before, these workshops are ideal for you!

Over several weeks, learners will develop a range of performance skills, including:

  • Projection & Clarity
  • Improvisation
  • Concentration
  • Mime & Movement
  • And so much more!

As the weeks progress, learners will not only develop their performance skills, but they will collectively lead the development of a unique group performance piece – the finale of the process. With our support, learners will develop all stages of the performance, including the concept, script, props, and art forms.

Each and every time we deliver this programme, we’re amazed by the brilliant ideas put forward by learners. We love to support them in making their ideas come alive, and we’re always filled with pride when the final performance takes place.

Maximum Numbers: 20
Duration: To be agreed with the group