Develop My Community

Do you know a community group who require support to develop and deliver their very own community engagement project?

We can support individuals or groups to do exactly that. Whether it’s a project that they’ve always wanted to deliver, or the chance to develop a completely new venture. We can provide the necessary skills to support communities to see these projects through.

From concept to delivery, participants will be supported to create their own projects/workshops. During the development stages participants will not only receive support to develop a workshop/project, but will receive extensive training which they could transfer to a wide range of activities – the activity itself, future community projects, as well as their professional careers or personal lives.

Once their workshop/project is developed they will be supported during the early stages of delivery, as situations may arise during their workshops/projects which may be tough to tackle. Rather than throwing participants in at the deep end, Kreative Foundations will mentor participants in real time, through immediate advice or demonstrations of appropriate ways to resolve situations for future reference. Ensuring participants feel confident at all times.