Self Esteem Training

This is one of our absolute favourite courses to deliver, filled with interactive activities and open discussions, which results in a completely unique outcome each and every time. Sessions encourage participants to think and collectively talk through their concerns and problems, finding a better solution to overcome them. Additionally they demonstrate the results of positive thinking, and much more!

By the end of this programme, participants will take part in the following:

Session 1:
• Introducing and easing participants into the course
• Reflecting on current self-esteem status
• Beginning to identify & set targets for achievements during the course, personally & professionally

Session 2:
• Exploring opinions and actions
• Challenging negative thoughts
• Recognising the importance of positive thinking
• Exploring positive attributes

Session 3:
• Identifying the importance of assertiveness
• Learning to control a situation by altering behaviour and verbal response
• Analysing relationships

Session 4:
• Developing effective communication solutions to address uncomfortable situations

Session 5:
• Celebrating course achievements
• Creating an action plan to achieve future goals

Maximum numbers: 10
Duration: 5 days (usually delivered over 5 weeks)