Confident & Kind Minds!

Stage 1: Creating Kind Minds (EYFS – KS2)
Stage 2: Confident Me – Wellbeing Programme (KS3 upwards)

Both programmes are filled with thought provoking activities that encourage open conversations between learners about a range of topics, and due to this the results of each programme are completely unique.

The programmes are beneficial for any learners.

For EYFS – KS2 learners, the programme aids them to interactively explore their feelings, the impact of kind and unkind actions, the positives within themselves, and more. We then continue to support them to develop strategies to maintain kindness and positivity.

For KS3 upwards, the programme provides learning, guidance and support to enable learners to develop strategies to take control of their current circumstances, move forward and progress, and maintain a positive mind-set. Sessions actively encourage learners to analyse and collectively talk through their concerns and problems, finding a better solution to overcome them.

By the end of the programme learners will:

  • Define the meaning of wellbeing and analyse their own personal wellbeing
  • Develop a range of strategies to improve and maintain their personal wellbeing
  • Create a draft CV, demonstrating personal positive attributes, skills and experience
  • Create a personal action plan to maintain own wellbeing for life and work
  • And much more!

The strategies developed within both programmes can then be transferred to a range of situations and environments including: their personal lives, current or future academic endeavours, current or future volunteering roles, job searches or career progression.

Maximum numbers: 30
Duration: minimum 5 x 1/2 days