Mentoring Service

Through our 1-2-1 mentoring we aim to support learners who have become disengaged and/or disillusioned with factors such as education, their communities, home life, social interaction or belief in themselves. We support learners to boost their confidence and develop a variety of skills – personal, social, academic or professional.

We initiate our support by exploring ways to develop learners’ self-esteem and social skills, through which we endeavour to change their current restrictive views in order to move forward with a different, more reflective mind set and begin to develop an action plan for change. Ultimately, learners are supported to take ownership of their current and future circumstances, and their progression.

We continually evaluate the needs and interests of the learner, providing adhoc training, activities and projects; providing valuable learning experiences through a supportive approach. These activities are completely bespoke to the individual, including real life work experience, support in overcoming and achieving activities that may cause them unease, and much more. Through said activities and training, we incorporate academic skills, aiming to demonstrate to learners how essential these skills are to their daily routines, whilst also heightening their self-belief; demonstrating that they are more than capable of academic learning if they set their minds to it.

Once learners have reached a point that they are able to take control of their current circumstances in a more positive manner, with a clear direction to continue their development, we can then continue our support by re-engaging them into the education environment. If appropriate to do so, we can work with the learner and the school to reintegrate them into this environment, working with the individual during this time to develop learning and behaviour strategies to help them flourish and work with staff.