Creating Aspiring Minds

Kreative Foundations’ Creating Aspiring Minds Programme is designed to connect pupils and industries from across Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire. The programme is designed to equip children with the employment and academic understanding, life skills and confidence required to make an informed decision regarding their future education and career pathways.

Continuing from their increased understanding of future employment options, and the pathways in which to acquire such positions, the programme aims to further develop the abilities and confidence of participants in order to raise and act upon their aspirations.

For employers, the programme aims to support them in showcasing their offerings through a fun and interactive approach; encouraging the future employees of tomorrow to aspire to work for them and acquire the skills required.

The priorities of the programme are as follows:
• Increase participants employment awareness
• Introduce employability skills
• Demonstrate the relevance of subject based learning to the real world
• Support pupils to make informed decisions regarding their studies and careers
• Raise aspirations
• Increase self-esteem

Maximum numbers: Dependant upon the employers requirements
Duration: To be discussed with the school
Additional requirements: Transportation of pupils to be arranged by the school