Take Your Time, Art Project

March 2021

We’re so excited to be sharing the ‘Take Your Time, Art Project’, which is a partnership programme between the New Vic Theatre Education Team, ourselves (Kreative Foundations), and Bentilee Volunteers; all thanks to funding from the Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

As many of us may have experienced, the current pandemic has meant that lots of face to face activities have had to halt in order to ensure the safety of our communities. For some this has had a detrimental impact to their mental health, due to increased isolation. 

Since the pandemic started, the creative industry has definitely stepped up:

  • Reducing barriers to accessing high quality arts provision
  • Helping to improve mental health
  • Helping to reduce isolation etc.

At every opportunity the industry has quickly adapted in order to continue activities and projects, in a new and exciting way. 

Through the ‘Take Your Time, Art Project’ we’re tremendously proud to be able to contribute to this effort too; supporting some of our communities most isolated members.

Through what has been a great team effort over the last few weeks, it has been an absolute joy to launch the project this week, starting with the delivery of care packs to each project member. These packs contained a host of art resources, including watercolour paints, sketch books, collage paper and much more. 

Alongside their art equipment they also received a DVD containing a series of visual art activity videos, created by Kirsty from Kreative Foundations, to try themselves at home.  

Finally, the group have also been given access to a safe channel to reconnect, which many members have already started to utilise.

As the title of the project suggests, we wanted to support this group to just enjoy re-engaging in creative activities, at their own pace.

This has been a truly heart warming project to be involved in, and we’re really looking forward to seeing what the group have created and how it’s supported them.