“The performance by the group was lovely! I really enjoyed seeing everyone enjoying themselves. The primary school children and the adult group working together to put on a great show, full of pride for their city and using different media to get their message across. All the performers were really excited before the show, and were obviously keen to get going.

It was great to see the end result of many weeks work, gathering ideas and opinions from the adults and engaging with the schoolchildren to develop a multimedia performance of music, song and dance that provoked a range of emotions including happiness, pride, mirth and merriment.

Everyone involved should be proud of their achievement in engaging the Abbey Hulton community, and I look forward to attending future performances.”

Alison, Community Audience Member
Confidence Through Drama Programme

“I enjoyed the course. It was interesting, thought provoking, unpressured and friendly. The course had different activities – written and practical to demonstrate clearly how to improve skills.”

Val, Volunteer Wellbeing Course Attendee

“The greatest strengths of the course were personal learning – how things effect me and how I can learn from them. I enjoyed the course. The tutor was polite, warming and understanding. More courses would be nice!”

Vanessa, Volunteer Wellbeing Course Attendee

“Very enjoyable. Would do it again. Thought I would of rather stayed at home, but VERY glad I didn’t!”

“I had a really good time. Different to what I expected.”

“Really great course. Easy to understand and approachable teacher. Tips on easy techniques were really useful.”

Anonymous, Confidence Building Through Face Painting &
Balloon Modelling Training Attendees

“Looking forward now to another way of life. Thank you very much.”

Anonymous, Confidence in IT Training Attendee